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Nose Reshape In Dubai

Nose Job for Your Self Confidence

Rhinoplasty enhances facial harmony and the proportions of your nose. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose.

Rhinoplasty surgery can change:

  • Nose size in relation to facial balance;
  • Nose width at the bridge or in the size and position of the nostrils;
  • Nose profile with visible humps or depressions on the bridge;
  • Nasal tip that is enlarged or bulbous, drooping, upturned or hooked;
  • Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned;
  • Nasal asymmetry.

Rhinoplasty, which society commonly refers to as a “nose job” is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. Rhinoplasty involves a reshaping of the nose and its underlying cartilage to create a nose that better compliments the other features of one’s face.

During a rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon separates the skin of the nose from its supporting bone and cartilage. Then he or she sculpts the bone and cartilage structures to create the desired shape. Finally, the skin is repositioned over the nose. Most of the surgery is done internally; thus, there are often few visible scars afterwards.

Nose reshaping in You New Clinic Dubai gives people back their confidence who may have been unhappy with their nose from a young age. The procedure can transform your face and profile, giving you the appearance you always wanted.

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* Please note that plastic surgery results can vary for different patients. Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two surgical procedures will get the exact same results - even if patients are fairly similar and even if the procedures are performed by the same Plastic Surgeon.