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Buttock Augmentation and Fat Transfer In Dubai

Buttock enlargement

A well-rounded shapely behind is a symbol of attractiveness. Many people strive for sexy bottom to show off in tight clothing. While some can achieve the desired results through diet and exercise, for many this is not possible. Both men and women sometimes have flat or square butt which makes them self-conscious. Genetics and time are the two major contributing factors to undesirable buttock shape but our professional staff at YouNew Clinic in Dubai will help you choose the best procedure so that you can wear any clothes with confidence.

Brazilian Butt Lift or Buttock Fat Transfer Procedure

Brazilian butt lift or buttock fat transfer procedure is the same term used for buttock augmentation technique when the surgeon takes fat from one part of your body (most likely the abdomen) and transfers to your buttocks. Enhancing the size of your buttocks will add volume and roundness which visually gives the impression of butt lift. This method is more preferable than buttock implant as this type of surgery is less invasive.

Butt Lift Procedure

Butt lift is similar to a tummy tuck procedure just performed on your butt. During the procedure excess tissue is removed across your butt which in turn pulls your buttocks upwards. This is beneficial for those patients who do not wish to enlarge their bottom but are rather looking for a rounder tight appearance of their behind.

Buttock Fat Transfer vs Butt Lift

As you may have gathered from our article there are major differences between brazilian butt lift and conventional butt lift. Brazilian butt lift is ideal for patients who want to augment the shape of their butt, enlarge it or give it a well-rounded appearance. So if you suffer from flat or square bum and have adequate fat in other areas of the body then you will be an ideal candidate for buttock fat transfer procedure. However if you do not have available fat on your body or do not wish to increase the size of your bottom then butt lift procedure is what you are looking for. Our attentive certified surgeons at Dubai YouNew Clinic will determine which procedure you will benefit from the most in your unique case and will answer all your questions. We give only realistic prognosis and expectations to avoid any disappointment.

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