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Gynecomastia Treatment In Dubai

Male Chest Tissue Removal Procedure in Dubai

Many men don’t realize that the woman-like appearance of their chest is not the lack of good diet and exercise but a medical condition called gynecomastia. While there are many different conservative treatments available for the so called “moobs”, in reality, gynecomastia surgery is the only effective way to reduce the excessive amounts of fatty deposits and chest tissue that can make a man’s body appear womanly.

Alternative Gynecomastia Treatments

Before going for a surgery, many people explore alternative treatments that involve creams, pills, diet changes, and extensive exercises. It is important to understand that healthy lifestyle can change your appearance for the better but won’t deal with the gynecomastia causes, which involve a decrease in testosterone, obesity, excessive antibiotics, alcohol, and drug use, and more.  In the best case, the “magic” chest reduction pills and creams may have a small placebo effect. In the worst case, they can worsen the condition.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai

Most doctors believe that gynecomastia is a naturally occurring condition and can gradually disappear on its own when the hormonal balance is restored, the wrong pill prescription are cancelled and the right ones are given. However, many men are not ready to live with this aesthetically unappealing problem.

Surgery is one of the fastest and most effective ways to restore the chest to its right size and allow a man to get back to living a wholesome life by improving his self-image. At You New Plastic Surgery Clinic, we allow our patients to cut the costs of gynecomastia surgery in Dubai while getting the highest-quality treatment. We know how important self-confidence and masculine appearance is to men of all ages.

Male chest reduction is not a major surgery. A small incision is made to remove excess chest tissue. Depending on the amount of tissue to be removed, the nipple and areola might need to be repositioned. Some men may require liposuction to reduce the size of their chest and to make it appear flatter. Most of the procedures are done with local anesthesia. Our professional consultants and surgeons offer extensive advice on the process.

How to Check if You Have Gynecomastia?

Many men don’t realize that they have gynecomastia. Below is a list of symptoms that warrant your attention.

  • Chest enlargement occurs. Some men suffer from unilateral gynecomastia, which means that only one of their chests become bigger. The growth of the chest may be either uniform or uneven.
  • The whole chest may be tender and/or painful to the touch.
  • The chest has a rubbery or firm feel.

The best way to understand that you have gynecomastia is to consult a doctor. Many men miss this condition, thinking that they are just overweight and end up suffering needlessly.

What Are Gynecomastia Causes?

The most common gynecomastia causes are:

  • Changes in androgen and estrogen levels.
  • Aging.
  • Anabolic steroid hormones use.
  • Kidney failure/dialysis.
  • Decrease of testosterone.
  • Marijuana use.
  • Prostate cancer hormone treatment.

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