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Tissue Expansion In Dubai

Tissue expansion Used Techniques

At You New clinic we offer Tissue Expansion surgery for the following:

  1. Breast reconstruction after mastectomy
  2. Burn and other large accident scar removal
  3. Large tattoo removal
  4. Large mole removal, other skin lesion removal

Tissue expansion is based on the idea that the skin can form new skin tissue when stretched. The idea originated in the US in the late 1950s and was further developed by Dr. Radovan in the late seventies. The principle is based on how the skin on the stomach adapts during pregnancy. It was noted that the skin can “make” new skin tissue when stretched.

The tissue expansion procedure mimics this effect. A balloon is inserted under the normal skin to expand the skin close to an area affected by a burn scar, large tattoo, or any other problem that requires surgical removal. The gap which results from the surgical removal will be covered by the expanded skin. Unlike skin grafting, expanded skin is full thickness and cosmetically acceptable.

An expander is connected to a filling valve by tubing. The system is inserted under the normal skin adjacent to the area that needs to be removed. The balloon is then filled with water, gradually, usually twice weekly over 2-3 months period.

When full expansion is achieved, the device is removed and so is the “abnormal” area. The expanded skin is then draped over the gap created by the removed of the affected skin.

Ladies who’ve had a mastectomy can benefit from this technique by expanding the skin of the chest wall and inserting a silicon breast implant to enhance their appearance.

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