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Body Procedures

Body Procedures

At You New we offer a range of body contouring procedures.

  • Liposuction

    Liposuction, also known as Lipoplasty, Liposculpture suction, Lipectomy, or Lipo, is a kind of cosmetic surgery that fragments and removes unwanted fat from the body. This top-notch, effective treatment is recommended to take out the fat from abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck area, chin.. read more

  • Body Contouring

    Body contouring refers to a wide range of procedures that improve the shape of different areas of the body. At You New we offer a range of body contouring procedures. The surgeon would advise you which type would be suitable for your condition... read more

  • Tissue Expansion

    Tissue expansion is based on the idea that the skin can form new skin tissue when stretched. The idea originated in the US in the late 1950s and was further developed by Dr. Radovan in the late seventies. The principle is based on how the skin on the stomach adapts during pregnancy... read more

  • Spider Vein Injection

    Spider veins are dilated capillaries in the superficial layer of the skin. They are very common in women, mostly affecting the legs and thighs. They can be unsightly and can increase in number with age. Spider veins can be injected with.. read more

  • Cellulite Treatment

    The skin is connected to the underline muscles by bands of tough (Fibrous) issue cellulite or the (Orange Peel) effect is caused when those bands can not expand any more and pull the skin inward causing a dimple appearance on the thighs and.. read more

  • Buttock Augmentation and Fat Transfer

    Your buttock augmentation procedure can be achieved through transferring your existing fat. The results of buttock augmentation are immediately visible; however, you will not see your final results until a year after the surgery,.. read more